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Default S1000 - New Owner - Issues

Hello. I am a new owner of an s1000. Had an s800 for quite some time. I am operating with the Futaba 14sg and a z15 gh3 - while trying to fly and move camera. A couple quick questions -

1. Takeoff - I am finding that at the seconds leading up to liftoff the s1000 either wants to tilt forward or aft. Have verified that controls are neutral (until I apply the right input to correct a level takeoff). Not sure if it's due to the heaviness of the z15 gh3 or the 16,000mh battery. Are others experiencing the same? Given this issue I have yet to test out the ground station as I am not confident as to how it will compensate for the forward/aft lean.

2. Bigger issue. Like many of you, there are times I need to operate as a one-man system (flight and camera control on Futaba 14sg). I am having issues obtaining pitch, tilt and mode controls on s1000. Obviously, I have ribbon wires for pitch, pan and mode running from GCU to A2 (F2, F3, F4). Map the assigned channels in the A2 software then map the desired buttons on the Futaba. I get no result. I do have landing gear and Ati/Man/GPS mapped to two selected buttons but can't get pitch, pan, or mode. This is killing me and I've lost 2 jobs over it already.

Thanks again.
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