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Default Some MD-6 build pics and maiden flight

Hey guys, finished the build on my MD-6 yesterday and was able to do a short maiden flight on it.

Loved the build, everything went together really smooth.

Getting everything unboxed, no damage at all to either my MD-6 or MD-7/8 canopy. Loving the MD-6 paint scheme, really easy to see in the sky, and looks great on the ground.

Building the head, no issues here.

Now onto DFC arms and links

One small thing to note when installing your DFC arms, the manual shows the bolt used in this process to be only threaded near the tip of the M3x25 bolt. However, the bolt included in the kit is completely threaded.

All done with the rotorhead

Onto the frames, all these parts looked great.

Building first half of the frame.

Another small thing to note, the bolts used to hold the battery tray in place are shown in the manual as M3x8's. However I had to use a longer bolt to reach the locking nut in the plastic.

You cant see this in the manual very well, but a frame stiffener is supposed to be installed at the bottom corner of the heli. Later in the build, the screws attaching the boom supports to the heli will hold this stiffener in place.

Short time later and the frames are done

The manual goes on to the boom and tail installation, but I went ahead and did my electronics first so I wouldnt have to swing a boom around when working on my heli.

Manual calls for 17.50mm arms for the cyclic, and 15mm on the tail. I am using 17mm and 15mm SeCraft arms. These things are awesome, they will bend in a crash saving your servos from stripping.

Motor installation, I am running a 12s setup. This motor is the Hacker A50 560kv

On to the tail, unfortunately I only took this one picture of the tail build. It got late and I forgot.
When rebuilding the tail rotor, PLEASE take everything apart and re-loctite it.

If you are using the Rotortech 620's you will have to install the other washer that comes with the blades, this is easily done, just set the washer on a table, and press it into the blade.

Now for the pictures of wiring

First one is a little blurry

and with the canopy on.

And now for the Maiden! Kept it at a lower headspeed for the maiden just to see how the FBL felt. But I will be cranking it up and flying it later today.

Maiden flight of the MD-6 (2 min 47 sec)

This thing is smooooooth. I was blown away by how quiet and smooth this thing was. Hardly any vibes, and the heli felt really good in the air.
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