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I don't know if this has been mentioned before but felt the need for a full functional benchtest on the MultiGov, as the magnets are on the clutch bell and are stationary until the blades move, thus difficult to diagnose anything, even faster blinking LED.

So, did the following to see every thing working properly:

Removed tail blades, head and swash.

Set MG gear ratio to 1 and speed 600.

Using a battery drill clamped to the main shaft in reverse, powered up and full throttle to enable governor. I could vary the speed and watch the throttle servo working correctly which proved everything except faster speeds, good confidence booster though.

Setting ratio to 1 obviously fools the governor so that you only need about 70 RPM at the main shaft to get the right number of pulses into the governor as my ratio is 8.5 : 1, the drill can be varied around that speed to check for correct servo operation etc

Just had a thought, will only work if magnets are on the clutch bell not the motor fan, ie my Synergy Nitro's are both clutch bell magnets.
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