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Hi Guys can you help

i fitted a new ys 91 st to my Srimok 90n went to the field for a test hover and when the heli just comes on too the high jet i loose all throttle servo movement and the heli will not shut down ,Laid on floor under rotor and levered off throttle linkage
stopped heli and tried on floor again every think is working as normal,tried once more and the same think happened again I have a flashing light every two seconds but when engine is idling i still have a two second flashing light. Connected screen up and done a sensor test sensor reading OK so this is what i have done so far
changed sensor had a second hand one sensor test OK but light flashing two second with engine off and every two second when engine is running
change over unit from my t rex 700 sensor test OK but flashing every two seconds when engine running ( did not calibrate unit just swap over )
did a bench test with a spare clutch bell and made up gig to hold the sensor i removed originally did sensor test OK span clutch bell and still have flashing light every two seconds
the unit work find prior to me changing engines
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