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I'm a Mac user as well. Will these sims run on one using Boot Camp? I hesitate to go to all the trouble if they won't work well. Thanks!

You need Windows 7 or 8.

If you have lots or free space on the drive, you can run Boot Camp Assistant to partition the drive.

If there isn't lots of free space, the partition can not be made, due to not having space to move files out of a contiguous space on the hard drive.

I set up Boot Camp when the Mac was new, it didn't take long at all.

Later, when trying to partition an older when that didn't have enough free space to move large movie files, the partition could not be made.

To give it another shot, I used Time Machine to have a second copy (never have just one ).
Verified that it would boot up and looked good.

Erased the drive in the Mac, booted to Time Machine, had it copy back to the Mac.

Booted up, ran Boot Camp Assistant, it partitioned quickly.

My current Mac is 3 years old, a MBP.
I started with Boot Camp, it all installed applications ran well.

Later, I wanted to try VMWare Fusion. Version 3, not so good. Worked but a noticeable difference between booting from B C.

I never ran Parallels so can't comment on it other than it usually has better performance specs. But again, I don't have experience with it.

In the meantime, Fusion is updated a few times and then, it was no longer possible to feel in the sim, that there was a difference.

I left B C on the drive though.

I was used Winclone to back up the B C partition (clone it).

After all the work getting Windows up, I didn't want to have to reinstall windows some day and go through it all again when it could be so easily cloned instead

After 6 months or so, I had confidence in the Fusion VM that I ran B C Assistant and removed the partition.

This was good in a couple ways. Regained the 35 GB of space.
No longer needed to clone it for back ups.

Time Machine backs up the Fusion VM.

There isn't the headroom needed for two partitions, just one now.

Fairly routine stuff.

I'm waiting to update Phoenix, until the dust is really well settled.

RF 5.5 runs well in the VM.

There is a sim, written natively for several OS's.
I've purchased that. Works well enough for me.
Others may have higher expectations.

I'm happy with a plain field and large models to fly.

I usually only fly one or two models. 50 + choices isn't on my radar

If you are looking to use a VM later on after B C, look hard at Parallels. Their support web site is 100 % easier to use than the VMWare Fusion support web site. Much cleaner to navigate.

The price is about $60 for either.

Another nice to have using a VM, sharing between the Mac and the PC. Too easy though only useful if that is something you do.

It works. Be aware that the path you need to take will be different from others since you may collide with different obstacles during the process.

Since standing windows 7 up in the VM, I've not had to do anything other than the constant patches and restarts, which is of course, when you are working or playing

A minor non-issue.
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