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Originally Posted by Xrayted View Post
Yes, it's very thin, but very hard to break. You would have to wrap a few layers around the tension spring, but I think it would work, and is super slick, so it won't wear through very easily, especially with a few layers and the fact that there is very little pressure on it. I might give it a shot just as a test and report back.

I just tried this with Teflon tape (plumber's tape) tonight on my new (used) DX8, which had a "sticky" throttle - once it was moving, it was fine, but if it was stopped, it would "lunge" in the direction of your movement, as it overcame friction.

Anyway, works like a charm. I should've taken pics or something, but here's what I did with the tape:
1) Cut a 5-6 inch piece of Teflon tape
2) fold it lengthwise once
3) fold it widthwise at least twice, perhaps it was even three times... At any rate, it ended up approximately the same width as the tension bar, and was several layers thick, and all one piece.
4) then I heat-shrinked the ends onto the bar, and put it back.

The hardest part about this mod was just getting those rubber strips off the sides of the radio.

Now my throttle is smooth as butter. Just enough tension on the stick so it doesn't respond to random bits of thumb movement (shaking as you move rudder), but it moves smoothly and precisely to the next position when you move it up or down.

Thanks so much for this thread!
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