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Originally Posted by wsntme View Post
I have had bad luck with Xtreme 'B' gears and I can only figure it was because I was running them with a Blade metal 'A' gear. I have reverted back to Blade 'B' gears and now have no issues. I have not tried an Xtreme 'A' with an Xtreme 'B' but I would assume (hope) you would see better results than I had.

On the reverse side I am currently running an Xtreme 'A' with a Blade 'B' on one of my 3s birds with no problems. I am starting to see some decent wear on the A but the B looks fine and everything is still running smoothly.
My experience is something similar. My Blade B got worn and the LHS was out of it and only had Xtreme B so what the heck. Not a good experience. The mesh seems fine but eventually I see the Xtreme B wearing out quite quickly, weeks compared to months forthe original Blade B. Then on one flight - zip! All the teeth got stripped and I was left with a cylindrical (instead of cone) shaped Xtreme B. And the Blade A was still fine!

I wonder if it's more of different metal / material than the mesh?
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