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Originally Posted by koi-fish View Post
I've found that you can run an Extreme A with a stock B and have good luck. However, a Blade metal A and Extreme B tends to not work as well.

I usually run all Extreme to avoid headaches. If I do use Blade metal A, I use a blade B with it.

For some reason, havent ever had trouble with mixing tail gears though.
Originally Posted by wsntme View Post
I don't like to see people having problems but it's nice to read that at least a couple of you have had similar experience with a Blade metal A and Xtreme metal B.....thought maybe I was just being a bit we tod did or something
I don't want to upset the heli geimlens saying this but, the horizon metal A gear with xtreme B has been good to me on one of my 3. It was a field repair that seems to be working. It needs a major amount of backlash to work tho vs the horizon B gear that can be run at tighter lash.

It's lame you have to buy the entire gearset from horizon just for the B
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