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I just found this
Found some other sites but they sold in 100 ft rolls, , no help.

The above site will sell in 4 foot lengths for about $4, I didn't check the S&H.
Features of PTFE Heat shrink:

Continuous operating temperature -454F to 500F (-270C to 260C)
Outstanding resistance to almost any chemical known (exceptions: alkali metals in molten state, fluorine gas at high temperatures, chlorine trifluoride).
FDA and USP Class VI approved
Very low coefficient of friction
Good dielectric strength
Flame rating UL94 V0 and VW-1
Limiting Oxygen Index greater than 95
ETO and autoclave sterilizable
Mil spec approved (AMS-DTL-23052/12)
A few notes on shrinking PTFE:
1) Always assure good ventilation in the immediate work area prior to beginning the heat shrink process. Fumes may cause nausea and dizziness.
2) It is imperative that the tubing be heated uniformly until it becomes clear (gel state). This transition from crystalline to amorphous must take place, since shrinkage will only occur during recovery from the gel state (re-crystallizing).
3) When using a mandrel to shrink the tubing, it is important to pre-heat the mandrel to assure even and uniform shrinkage.
4) If the tubing begins to crack, chances are you overheated the material.
5) Also, higher shrink ratios will require higher shrink temperatures.
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