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Originally Posted by ronj View Post
Agreed, that is why I bought a few extreme B gears. I was annoyed having to pay for a full gearset from Blade, just for the B gear.

On another note, can you explain what you mean by "major amount of backlash"? Are you saying there needs to be more of a gap between the A and B gears?
I run 3-4 shims on the very top main shaft bearing just under the main shaft collar to pull the A gear up tight against the upper bearing race. Then I adjust my tail box depth so I can grab the C gear and push and pull it and see the B gear move in and out. I play with it so I get max movement sliding the C gear fore and aft while the tail is completely assembled. If you run the tail box too far in the TT will push the B gear into the A gear causing a tighter mesh.
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