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Default Danged plastic blade grips.

Took my 130 out to my large field flying side. First time with the TBS boom and finaly got to fly large after about 1 1/2 months of crud weather. Heli flew smooth as silk when power on, but when I backed off the throttle, it would start this really fine, but intense shudder. Got back on the sticks and smooth as silk?

This evening I took a closer look and found that one of the main grip threads had stripped out leaving one blade loose and dangling down. Damn. Don't want to put any more money in this bird as I am just finishing up my 300X. Think I will go to the local screw shop and try to find a similar size cap screw and tiny aircraft lock nut. These plastic threads are useless!

Note: Just bought a 300x used less Beastx for $80.00. One RobirdFBL, 80.00. Turnigy servos and parkfly motor, yep 30 amp esc $107.00, Lynx blades and fancy canopy, swash alighn tool. $50.00. Total cost: $317.00. Same as a stock 300 and just as new.

Also bought my 130x a fancy new canopy, TBS Replica and misc stuff. But i think it's still pissed! -Yes, My 130x is a bitch!
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