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Originally Posted by Rudy View Post
He is looking for Quick World Wide parts, that shop has/had Quick Japan parts, two totally different brand names and machines.

OP, the shop is closed, the web site is gone, and the owner died about a year ago. Jon was trying to clear out inventory from the owner's farm, but that was also about a year ago. Unless Jon see's your post and IM's you (I would not hold your breath) you are out of luck. Time to look for a new kit to build.
In fact, I have been flying Align clones and Gaui. So easy to get parts for them. But I still have the QWW model and enough parts to build 3 helis except for the main gear. That's why I am keen to find it and continue to fly the QWW. I enjoy flying different models and just building them. If I can't find the exact parts, I'll mix and match parts from other brands. The main gear is probably the most difficult part to mix and match.
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