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Originally Posted by flightengr View Post
Sounds good. That eliminates the obvious.

Could wind have had anything to do with it? I've noticed that mine will drift with the wind a little bit even if I don't move around and just turn the quad around to face a different direction. The computer takes a small amount of time to adjust for the wind coming from a new direction and compensate for that.

The Phantom will declare "GPS Lock" with 6 satellites. I think the most I have seen it use is 11. Typically I see 8-10. More satellites probably don't help that much. If it's stable in a hover and will sit in one place, then you probably have plenty of satellites at work.
Thanks. It could be wind.

It was a very stable day when I first flew it so maybe I had the best conditions.

I flew it again today and it appeared better. Stuck it into ATTI mode for a comparison and could noticeably see the difference.

It's very reassuring having the failsafe. A couple of times I lost sight of it and although concerned knew I could instigate failsafe if required.

It wasn't but it's a great comfort.

Something I did notice today, and I will have to explore this further, I could see the P2 about 150ft away and instigated Home Lock.

Pulling back on the right stick I noticed it go backwards but a long distance from where the Home point was registered.

Before losing sight of it I took it out of HL and brought it home myself.

It seemed as though it lost its marker.

I will have to look further into this.
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