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I installed the program V5.3.4 and the drivers. The mini Vbar connects fine and I get the green USB symbol and "connected" when I hook everything up. My problem is I just cannot get the program to display the full window in Windows 7. The bottom cuts right off at the word "serial" and I can't even get the number to register my unit. How do I fix this to be able to see the full program window? Very frustrating since everything else appears to be working correctly.
I have several blue MiniV's, and I have been using Win 7 Pro on this laptop.

I would try un-installing the 5.3.4 and drivers. Perhaps it's easier to do that by switching to a "restore point" that is before the 5.3.4 and drivers were installed.

My point is...un-install...and then...

Are you sure your video drivers are working ok? a diagnostic on them?

Ensure that your have the proper downloads...made that mistake before...

On the Vstabi site, there is a video tutorial that I used.

Following the tutorial "to the letter", re-install the 5.3.4 S/W and drivers.

Hopefully the problem will be resolved.

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