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Default wanting to return to rc cars but need help on buying.

First off I just want to say high,I'm new to the forum and got directed this way by a friend,hope to meet some new people and hopefully get to bash/race with some of you.

I've been thinking for awhile now about getting back into rc cars, when I was younger (I'm 32 now) I had a few nitro powered rc cars(and a few planes) all being tarmac non off road vehicles the fastest being a two speed nitro (sadly cannot remember any make or models of what I owned has been a good old while now since I owned them)

I've never owned a off road type of rc car and it was something I always wanted but just never ended getting one, my friend having a traxxas of some sort of off roader was a constant reminder of what cool things they could do and what mine couldn't! Haha, so want to get back the fun I missed back then.

Due to not knowing anything about the rc scene, cars, manufacturers and so on I thought I would ask here to get some advice and gain some knowledge hope you all don't mind I'm sure you get alot of help me buy my first rc car and so on so I apologise in advance!.

I'm wanting a off road buggy/stadium truck or the type that maybe I don't know of that's strong and reliable, I've had nitro but never electric and have heard they have made huge progress within the electric side since I used to have any cars so was thinking of giving electric a go (plus I remember the nightmare of having to try to get the thing started and lugging around fuel, glow plug starter,starter and so on and don't really want to go back to that if I can help it.

I've been recommended the hpi E firestorm and the traxxas rustler are these good cars for a amateur/intermediate? Is it worth paying the extra for the flux/vxl model? Or get used to them then upgrade when i feel it is needed,are there other cars you would recomend instead?From the reviews I've read they seem to be good but the true opinion comes from people who use them properly!

I don't want to go to mad price wise as I want to make sure I like it before I plumb to much money into it, I can see upgrades and so on will hook me in,amongst buying other cars later on down the line and get expensive quickly haha,so I'm thinking around 200-250 I'm happy to buy new or second hand does this seem a realistic budget? Best place to buy?

Sorry for all the questions!.

Any help would be much appreciated
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