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Originally Posted by Mentalic View Post
Lipos do go bad but it could be a servo too. Test it on the bench by setting pitch pump to 100 and slam the collective and see if you can reproduce the failure.
wayne, does that test require that i have the servos hooked up? Right now the heli is disassembled so i didnt know if servo arms alone would be adequate to test them.

Originally Posted by Ah Clem View Post
Yes, you can brown out with a 2S lipo.

An old pack or defective pack or a bad cell can do you in.

Do you check the pack voltage under load before each flight?

Do you have two leads going from the Lipo to the electronics? One lead is only good for 5 amps, so even if you have a new lipo of very high capacity, you can only get 5 amps continuous out of it with only one servo type lead.
Ok, dumb question, how do you check pack voltage under load? i always just make sure its charged.. i do have 2 leads
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