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Default Re: Post pics of your Blade 450X

Originally Posted by SHYguy View Post
Did my first autos yesterday - what a blast! All went well except keeping it on it's skids - they are a bit narrow (landing on soft grass)... So it tipped over and bent the main & spindle shafts. But now that they were bent I just went up and did it again some times until the vibrations made it unflyable

Today I had an unwilling auto, as my one-way gave up on me. This is my 3rd one way that does this... but went quite well this auto also

Does anyone know of any aftermarket one-ways for the 450X? (incl the sleeve)

The original part is no longer thrustworthy for me (Please don't tell me how many hundreds of flights you have had with zero problems)

Btw I must say I like the Revolution main blades better than the Rail ones, the Revos IMO are much more stable (easier to do stationary flips, rolls etc).
Do you use an type of grease on the OWB? That is the cause of many one way failures as grease is thick enough to block the rollers from functioning properly. I have found that oil works good for lubrication without effecting the one-way's rollers movement but needs to be applied every 30 flights or so. Luckily our heli allows for dropping a couple of drops of oil on the one way without disassembing it so that is not a problem for me.
I have also run many OWBs on the 450x dry without any problems. Do your bearings slip from the sleeve or do they just lock-up? Many of the times it is just the sleeve that needs replacement and the actual bearing can be reused.

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