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Default mQX acting schizophrenic

I haven't flown my mQX in a while, and I started to try again the other day and it did a number of odd things:

- On throttle up some blades would spin up then all would give up
- On throttle up a couple of times one blade would suddenly race full speed while others did nothing
- When it would launch from the ground it would be pretty responsive to throttle but barely to other inputs (slow to turn, slow to rotate)
- When I brought it up to speed in my hand, not on the ground, it would sometimes go back to being its highly responsive self when flying

I bought a couple new LiPos in case the others had gone bad but nope, that wasn't it. I see no burned out FETs.

It's the total inconsistency which confuses me. Anyone know what's up? I don't know what needs replacing.
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