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Is Robbe sufficient for trex 500 with agusta fuselage ( 710g) and four blade head (6s battery) ?

Yes I have 2 T-500's one has even been stretched to a 600 spinning 2 600mm CF blades and the other with a 5-blade head spinning TFSM heavy 430mm plastic blades.
Both of these helis pull well under 75 amps , right around 48 - 54 depending on the weather conditions.

As for setting and set-up that is something your going to play around with on your own and find what works best on your helis set-up as every heli is different.
I have 2 helis (T-600's) both with the same motors, esc's , bec's , servos , FBL units , blades even the same canopies but both have a different set-up on them to make them fly the same , this is just how different items are straight out of the box.
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