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Unfortunately there are a lot of possible reasons for that. I'd try the following:

a) Rebind as Pfloyd suggested
b) When you're using a transmitter like the DX6i or better - check if the tx-setup is still correct. Maybe it has been changed accidentally.
c) Have the motors been disconnected from the main board. If so, are they all connected correctly and are the rotors (CCW, CW) mounted in the positions they should be mounted.
d) Did the configuration accidentally change from X to + mode?
e) Also check the connectors of the motors. Is one or more of them sloppy or loose or corroded?
f) One of the motors maybe weak. Hold her on one motor, add a little throttle and watch if one of the sides is lower than the others. Try this round robin with all the motors.

Hope that helps.
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