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Lipo on Transmitter is great.
All I did was buy one from Hobby City. This battery comes with a low voltage cutout built in so if you leave your trans on Overnight your battery does not die.
I cut the plug from my Nimh battery and soldered it to the Lipo AND at the same time I inserted a simple small diode. This drops the voltage .6 of a volt. This gives a max voltage of 12v.
The diode also prevents any accidental attempt to charge by the normal charger.
No mods required to the transmitter. To replace the battery with a new standard battery just plug it in. To charge the Lipo I use a balance lead with a modified plug. The power lead is just soldered to each side of the balance plug. This works perfectly with my BC6 Balance charger. I only need to charge monthly. Works for me!
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