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Originally Posted by dennis22g View Post
Lipo on Transmitter is great.
All I did was buy one from Hobby City. This battery comes with a low voltage cutout built in so if you leave your trans on Overnight your battery does not die.
I cut the plug from my Nimh battery and soldered it to the Lipo AND at the same time I inserted a simple small diode. This drops the voltage .6 of a volt. This gives a max voltage of 12v.
The diode also prevents any accidental attempt to charge by the normal charger.
No mods required to the transmitter. To replace the battery with a new standard battery just plug it in. To charge the Lipo I use a balance lead with a modified plug. The power lead is just soldered to each side of the balance plug. This works perfectly with my BC6 Balance charger. I only need to charge monthly. Works for me!
Good information

1) What battery has the cutoff?
2) What diode did you use?
3) Can you get the diode from Radio Shack?

Thank you for the info
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