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Here is what I have learned. Class 10 cards donít work. I didnít know anything about SD cards except when you buy one you get a big one for your computer and camera data. That philosophy doesnít work for the DX6. SD cards are rated 2 Ė 4 Ė 6 Ė 10. Which determines the speed of data transfer.

When getting a SD card for the DX6, donít buy a large card, anything over 8GB seems to not work, mostly because all the larger cards I found were rated 10. Buy a cheap small card. SMP files are small so you donít need a high capacity card. You are better off with a 2 or 4 rated card.

You can tell right away if the card will work or not. Put the card in the DX6, press the Menu Roll button, then turn on the power. If it doesnít boot, there is no need to go any further, it is not going to work. If it does boot, the only advantage is that you bi-pass the first screen and you wind up at the top of the menu. You still have to scroll down to the Transfer SD selection in System Set Up.

On the DX6 it is ok to load the card after the box is powered up. If you go to the Transfer SD menu the first option you see is Ė insert SD Card. When you do that, then the options change to import or export.

It was important for me to get a card that worked because this is my first Transmitter and the ability to download a program to bind to a device is helpful for a couple of reasons. If you are new to this, programming a device like the DX6 is a bit intimidating, and second after you load a program you can go back and learn the options the author set up. I notice a difference in some options for the same device written by different people. I have found that to be very helpful.

By the way, I have called Horizon twice about this and they donít have a clue. They just know that some work and some donít.

I hope this helps some other first timers like me, and saves you some money. Remember, buy good cards, but small capacity rated at 2 or 4 and they will work. CheersÖ.
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