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Well let me explain it from my perspective. New to the hobby. Never owned or even seen a TX that needed to be programmed, I had no idea where to start, the local guys werenít any help, so I was on my own.

I found a couple of SMP files to download for the quads I had and I thought that would be a good way to start and learn. If you read the instruction book for the DX6, then the instructions on how to set up a 200 qx, even though it is simple after you learn, if it is your first and you are on your own it is challenging. So for me having an SD card that worked was important for importing some files that I could learn with.

I am sure as cool as this hobby is that some people that are completely new to it like me will have the same issue if you donít have any past knowledge or history with RC's. I was just trying to help new people like me. Nothing else....
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