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Hi newbie here

i have done way too much reading over the past few weeks and not enough saving

i am after some setting to set up my Blade 400 so it is a docile machine while i get the hang of it, i have read lots of different peoples ideas on what is right and what is not, but they all differ, so it's hard to pick one, not knowing how experienced the writer is

could someone with "Real Heli" experience put together a page with the expo setting, pitch etc etc, for us not so up to date pilots, also for some newbies, (err read me )
who have never owned such a great Tx and know nothing about how to put the info into it, you might supply us that info to, i've also read if you hit a wrong click while entering your info, you could loose the lot i read the manual but must admit i'm still a little lost

i read somewhere that you can copy the stock setting to another model number and then adjust the first, so you have the stock to fall back to, but when i read the manual it says when you copy you will lose the stuff your copying????? very confused and a little worried about all this new technology ( yep i'm an old fart

i have been flying on the sim for a few months now, have my Blade 400 in my hands and am nearly ready to start my "CP Heli" journey, but would really like to load those easier setting into the DX6i before i start this adventure

so i'm sure every newbie would love a sticky link on how to set up their new Blade 400 bird, for a gentle entry into this great hobby

cheers and thanks chuck
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