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Originally Posted by B0tt0mline View Post
My Swashplate stays correctly in Cyclic1, but when I switch to Cyclic2 it moves a little bit. Thwrefore, the Goblin moves backwards at self leveling (Cyclic2).

What can I do to keep the swashplate correctly in all modes?
Its normal for the swash to move a little when SL is activated. This is to account for a helis natural translating tendency.

Have you done the 200% Hiller Decay mechanical trim adjustment procedure without SL activated yet? Also verify that your COG is spot on as well. Both of these must be done in order to mitigate any drift

Self Level does not mean the heli is going to sit perfectly in place without drifting. There are some things that can be done to minimize it the best we can, but you must also have the correct expectations. It still levels the heli in an emergency, and any small drift at this point is inconsequential as we are not just sitting around hovering in position with SL turned on when we are bailing the heli out, and must still be in control of the heli at all times

The heli will always be in some form of motion whenever you activate SL, so its always going to drift some random direction due to its inertia at the time you activated it. This is completely random and cannot be predicted or trimmed out. You will need the GPS module if you require the heli to be rescued and sit perfectly in place.
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