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Default Instruction how to make almost slop free linear servo

Instruction how to make almost slop free linear servo
1) Open servo and clean potentiometer tracks with alcohol or deoxit.
2) Remove brass locking nuts and screw off pastic slider from threaded shaft. Remove shaft from servo.
3) Put very thin layer of light oil on threaded shaft and clean throughly plastic slider. We want glue to stick to slider, but not the shaft.
4) Fill threaded hole of plastic slider with epoxy glue and immediatelly screw slider on threaded shaft. Be carefull to not bend or stain metal contacts on slider.
5) Let glue to get hard and then carefully remove exesive glue from shaft by using exacto knife.
6) Move slider back and forth on the shaft until it moves freely. Use pliers to gently hold shaft for first few slider turns.
7) Remove slider from shaft and assemble servo mechanics. Screw first lock nut as far as it can go without binding servo, then add second lock nut and secure them with little dab of CA glue or thread locker
8) Grease threaded shaft again with thin layer of light oil and check that mechanics is moving really smooth.
9) Close servo and test it on helicopter.

I have moded all 4 servos on my 130x and now it is really different helicopter. She is now really locked in and has crisp control.

Epoxy glue that i have used:
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