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My logic is make it reverseable if possible. I never like drilling holes if there is another way. Changing to a LIPO on my DX7 was simple. If anyone needs to know how to setup the LiPo battery or install an ON indicator with simple plug-in plug-out modifications I will be happy to put up some pix. But here it is in text form.
A simple description of what I did is:
[Battery comes with an inbuilt CPM (Cell Protection Module) which stops the pack from being over-discharged due to slow residual drain.]
1.Purchase a battery from Hobbycity.
2.Slice off the plug and splice on the plug from your NiMh battery.(heat shirink joints)
3.Include in series a GP diode or 1N4001 will suffice (only needs to carry 100ma)
4.Plug it in to existing socket and pack in some foam to leave in TX, no need to remove for charging. Normal socket will not work because of diode.(no accidents)
5.Connect balance lead to charger.
6.Modify balance lead by connecting main power leads to each side of balance plug.(works well on my BC6)

Indicator light. One bright coloured LED with suitable resistor for 12v (250 ohm to 680 ohm - depending on your led. mine is bright on 12ma)
Very light connecting wire maximum 15cm - (6") long with resistor on opp end to led.
1.Cut some stiff wire from one side of the resistor and solder to one lead.
2.Solder the resistor to the other lead and leaving the wire long enough to act as a plug.
3.Plug both wires into the power socket on the upper circuit board in the back of the DX7.(No probs removing cover- manual tells how to adjust tension by removing cover)

Because of the resistor and the fact the led is polarised just plug in till it lights. This power is direct from the main switch, so it is a POWER ON indicator. The led is then sandwiched between the case sides just next to the aerial. This position gives a perfect on light without pointing the led into your face. It is perfect when you are packing your TX away because you cant miss it.

If anyone disagrees please let me know.. no one is perfect (I think)
I am only too happy to answer any questions.
I have already received an untold amount of help myself from this group.

Addiction sticks!
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