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Originally Posted by Dogdocphil View Post
It is an AR8000 DMSX receiver, I have the Naze32 breakout cable attached to the receiver, the three wire is in the Aileron on the AR8000 and that is plugged into the first two pins and pin1, then the single wire connectors go from the receiver into pins two three and four on the naze. Do I have to do something in the CLI to tell the Naze I am using DMSX receiver? The breakout cable comes from Abusemark and is made specifically for the Naze32
I just finished doing this on my DX8 using an Orange (clone) rx, but I'm sure this will translate.

First thing you need to do is to make sure you have bind your TX to the AR8000 (I just noticed you said you have, but, sanity check).

Second, connect the breakout cable to the Naze32 with the brown wire connected to the top-left pin.

Then, the wires from the breakout cable connect to your rx as follows going from top-left:

Aileron(this is the only wire with all 3 colors), Elevator, Throttle, Rudder, Aux1, Aux2, Aux3, Aux4

Just make sure the single signal wires from the breakout box are plugged in with the signal wire correctly oriented on the AR8000.

Now, connect the USB cable to the Naze32 and start the configurator and connect it to the Naze32.

This is probably the step that is getting you: Once you connect the USB cable, the Naze32 will power up but if you go to the receiver tab everything will be in the middle. That's because you haven't plugged in the rest of your quad. The USB cable only powers the Naze board, but to get power to the ESC's / Motors / Receiver, you need to plug in your flight battery at this point. Then you should hear the ESCs / motors chime, and your transmitter throws will correctly show up.

If you run into further snags let me know. I've spent a couple days getting this all working on my QAV250 / DX8 combo.

Goblin 380 / Spirit FBL
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