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Originally Posted by Dogdocphil View Post
Thanks for the Advice! I did exactly what you said. This made total sense! BUT, no go still no info going to the Naze. I have the model select as airplane. I assume this is okay. Attached is a picture of my naze attached to the receiver. When I plugged in the battery, the receiver linked with the DX9. Wondering if there is something wrong with the Naze?
I see. So you're powering your rx using a battery pack but don't have your ESC's hooked up to the Naze yet. I wonder if the Naze needs additional power other than the USB port (specifically the power that it would normally get when you hook up your ESC's).

When I got to the point where you are at I already had all 4 of my ESC's soldered to my power distribution board (which was powered by my 3S pack) and had them plugged into the Naze. The Naze was pulling the power that it needed from the ESC's and the Naze was in turn powering the rx (no need for a battery connected to the rx). I didn't even try connecting to the Naze via the Configurator until I had all the wiring hooked up.

As a temporary test I guess you could try this (if you don't want to hook up all the ESC's and everything right now):

1) Either hook up one of the motors to one of your ESCs (or at least make sure that the leads for the motor do not touch).

2) Plug that ESC into the first motor connector in the Naze.

3) Connect your 3S lipo to that ESC.

4) This should power up the Naze and your RX (assuming the RX is still connected to the Naze using the breakout cable).

5) Now plug in the USB connector and connect to the Naze using the Configurator and check the Receiver tab to see if you're getting inputs.
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