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My HF Map location
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Resolution: 1920X1080 Full Screen
Antialiasing Level: AA8
Smoke Quality: High
Shadow Quality: High
Frame Skipping: No
Texture Quality: High
Target Framerate: 120fps
VSync: On
Physics FPS-840 Can also run at max 900 but cause FPS to drop to about 115, rock solid at 840.
Graphics FPS-120+
Control system FPS-800
Automatic Physics FPS-No
Enable Multi-threading-Yes

Physics: 840+ FPS and sim runs perfect.
Computer Specs
I5-2500k CPU @3.4 GHZ Not over clocked with stock settings.
Ram- 16 Gbs
Video Card- Zotac GTX 580 Amp edition
Monitor- Asus 29 inch 3D monitor 120HZ
SSD- 128 gbs
HD- 1 TB
Accurc also runs perfect with Nvidia 3D glasses and Asus Monitor.
Team Rc AerodyneHigh On HelisCamp Hardcore
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