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Default Re: What Physics FPS do you get with your system?

Originally Posted by wab223 View Post
The Intel chips posted so far do seem to have a significant performance advantage over my AMD. I've been building my home PCs with AMD chips for at least 25 years (absolute cutting edge not normally being required).
I expected I might be low down the totem on this but I am suprised in the PFPS rates you guys are getting.
I do wonder if Accurc could be using intel optimised function libraries that are not working as well for AMD (conspiracy - lol!). I went out and bought a GTX 760 yesterday. The sim works even better but no suprise my PFPS only jumped up 9 points to 409.
We need more AMD data or I might end up building an intel machine and that will turn out to be a very expensive sim.
Pfps is cpu specific, not graphic card specific. Im surprised that the i5s score higher. Although my computer store also said this and they weren't a fan of the i7 for some reason. (that was some years ago)
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