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Default Ulterior motives on Diodes with LiPo's

There must be some ulterior motive by people against diodes on LiPo batteries.
There are some fairytales going around just to persuade people to seek incorrect alternate paths. A diode has certain properties in its makeup. (P & N properties for those technically minded.) These properties act as a non return valve for electricity (electron flow).
A bi-product of this action of non-return is a voltage drop of around .6 of a volt.
The first benefit derived in our case on the DX7 is the lowering of the battery voltage from 12.6v to 12v (in a fully charged state for the LiPo).(The DX7 only sees this lower voltage and doesnt know you are using a diode). The second benefit is a safety valve protecting the battery from accidental use of the standard charger.

The current draw for a stable power platform for the DX7 (which allows continuous steady transmission) is between 100 to 200 milliamps.(This does not depend on the size of your model or how fast you fly!)
The diode will allow 1000 milliamps continuous and a surge to 50,000 milliamps.(yes 50 amps) (1N4001)

There is no problem using a diode when a direct current (DC) power source is required.
EVERY DC powersupply (apart from batteries) has them.

My DX7 has been fitted with a Lipo + diode for 4 months, and an LED on indicatior for 3 months without any problems. The only thing I notice is bloody thing never needs charging.
As well as the great yellow light if I put it in the carry box still turned on.

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