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Default Phoenix Setup with DX6i step-by-step guide

Time for an update (since v5 has settled down).

This is in response to requests for a step-by-step guide on how to set up a DX6i for use with Phoenix.

Please read "Simulator setup" ( for more information as to how simulators work with TX's.

I assume Phoenix is already installed at this stage, so I will not put in instructions on how to install Phoenix.

Next we need to prepare the DX6i for connection.
  • Power on the DX6i. (do not attach sim trainer cable yet).
  • In adjust menu, select a blank model, or a model to erase.
  • In setup menu, use Copy/Reset to reset this model. (this ensures, no trim, sub-trim, travel adjust, or other settings that can affect calibration)
  • Also in setup menu, select model type of heli (this is HeliFreak). We want pitch and throttle on the same stick, but calibrated properly.
  • In setup menu, put in a model name of sim (so it does not get confused with other models)
  • In adjust menu, change the gyro to 10,90 with switch of gyro
  • Set throttle curve of hold +10

DX6i should be ready for connection to Phoenix. You can turn it off.

Start Phoenix on your computer. Cable can must be attached. DX6i must be plugged into the cable. (this will power the DX6i on without powering the RF transmitter module)

We are going to calibrate the DX6i as a new transmitter to Phoenix.

  • Go to the Phoenix main menu.
  • Select "System > Your Controls"
  • Delete any unwanted profiles (like old DX6i if one there)
  • Select New profile
  • Name: My DX6i (note: DX6i on its own is too short)
  • Select Quick Setup
  • Center all sticks - Next
  • Raise Throttle/coll (Ch1) - Next
  • Collective up (Ch6) - Next
  • Rudder right (Ch4) - Next
  • Elevator up (Ch3) - Next
  • Aileron right (Ch2) - Next
  • Gear - Skip
  • Flaps (gyro) (Ch5) - Next
  • Finish
  • Edit profile
  • Assign heli gyro to (Ch5) - This is not done automatically
  • Finished

Now that Phoenix knows the correct limits for the DX6i channels, we can now alter the DX6i settings the way we want. We want to control the model by the DX6i settings, not the built in model overrides. This way we can get better control (like working Throttle hold, DR&Expo settings we want, different throttle curves and pitch curve, etc)

Disconnect the DX6i from the trainer cable (it will turn off). And power the DX6i on by the switch.

Suggested DX6i settings:

Throttle curves:
  • (Normal - 0,56.5,72.5,72.5,72.5)
  • (Stunt - 72.5,72.5,72.5,72.5,72.5) conservative
  • (Stunt - 100,100,100,100,100) aggressive (what I use)
  • (Hold - 10) (DX6i bug. This comes out as 0)

Pitch curves:
  • (Normal - 45, 51, 60, 73.5, 91.0)
  • (Stunt - 0, 25, 50, 75, 100)
  • (Hold - 0, 25, 50, 75, 100)

In setup list, set D/R COMBI to D/R SW:RUDD (optional, but allows all the DR&Expo settings to be changed by hitting one switch, instead of 3 (one for each channel)

Set DR&Expo to taste. I use:
  • pos 0: (80/20 80/20 100/20)
  • pos 1: (100/20 100/20 100/20) (use Rudd Dr switch to change between positions if you used the D/R Combi setting I mentioned earlier)

Set Gyro to (75,25). Phoenix treats this as an on/off switch, so specific values ar not required. Model programming is needed to really affect model gyro settings. This will just turn heading hold on and off. I fly heading hold permanently on.

Now we have out DX6i how we like it, we can turn it off, then connect the Phoenix cable to the trainer port (which will re-power the DX6i without the RF transmitter).

Since the DX6i has the flight settings we want, we have to tell Phoenix not to override them. By default it assumes you are using a dumb 4 channel controller with switches (like a plane). We need to tell Phoenix, we know what we are doing with throttle AND collective, and the we control the DR&expo.

(This is where things change in v5 from v4)

In Phoenix, go into Model tuning (edit)
  • In Controls > Elevator: Set expo to 0% (uses expo in transmitter now) - Do not alter low rate, you will not use it anyway.
  • In Controls > Aileron: Set expo to 0% (uses expo in transmitter now) - Do not alter low rate, you will not use it anyway.
  • In Controls > Rudder: Set expo to 0% (uses expo in transmitter now) - Do not alter low rate, you will not use it anyway.
  • I have found you don't really need the governor (unless you really want to be picky), so the following is how to have the RPM follow the throttle input.
    • In Main Rotor > Governor: Uncheck enable (but take note of RPM number - SAB Goblin 700 is 2250 - Assume this is max RPM you want to get to)
    • In Main Rotor > Engine: Set max RPM to (RPM * Gear ratio) - (2250 * 8.5 = 19125 for SAB Goblin 700)
  • Select finished and you copy of the model will be saved (as Heli - Copy)

You should be able to fly normally after all this.

I'm sure there will be some debate over this (as there is more than one method for all this). This is the method I find most flexible for model configuration for flight.
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