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Windows 8.1 laptop, trying like crazy to get my laptop to talk to the VBar. I have followed Mr. Mel's video to the T, and I still am not able to get the driver to load for the VBar. I do have the Rx (RG831BP (airplane guy) DMSS, because that is what I have laying around) bound to my JR XG11. Confirmed by plugging servos into the Rx, bypassing the VBar completely.

I have registered my VBar etc..... We tried for 4 hours at the local flying field today to get it as well.

It is very discouraging for a newer heli guy, such as myself, to get a product in which many locals have and use exclusively. But yet, I have issues.... Understand, I'm most certainly not putting down the unit itself, as I have read that I'm not alone. It simply seems to be the process.

I'm headed to IRCHA, on Sat, to seek the help of another JR DMSS/VBar user that my friend knows.

*EDIT* Got it all fingered out. Found that if I followed the remainder of the video, it showed that you shouldn't address the label like so,C:\Program Files (x86)\VStabi_53\driver\VstabiUsbDriver\x86 But when I took "driver\VstabiUsbDriver\x86" off the address, the driver loaded into VStabi and the red light bar went green. I was able to fumble my way thru the app. Still have a few things (all) that need looked over before it goes up.

Just goes to show that following directions always pays off! And it also pays to read up about something before you buy it, too! Seems like it is pretty easy to use too.
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