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Default Blue LED flashing / blinking twice on MCP after binding

This is not really a reply but just a comment that I'd like to share. Helifreak has helped me a lot in setting up my MCPX and as I had difficulties to find a solution for my problem I think it could be worthwhile to post it here.
So what was it: flying normally MCPX V1 with DX6i DSM2. Somebody flying a drone nearby (no details known). After a crash and turning off both heli and TX, upon next start up the heli rolled immediately to the right, impossible to take off. Tried another 3-1 unit, another servo, battery, nothing helped. Copying the model to another model on DX6i. The two main symptoms I experienced was that the blue LED on the MCP was blinking (flashing) only about two or three times after bind, no solid blue. Also the motors were not turning, only servos reacted to TX commands.
After having talked about this to my friend flying RC planes, he suggested to reset the model and reconfigure it again on DX6i. Not copying the model but reseting and recreating exactly the same one. This was the solution. Not it flies againt as before.
Hopefully it helps to somebody although I don't think it is a common problem.
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