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Originally Posted by KiloXray View Post
Very cool man! What's next? Where is your hobby headed?
Honestly I'm not really sure! Originally my goal was to just get something that I could fly outside and I considered the mCPx to be as far as I wanted to go. Before I knew it though I owned a 130x and then the 450 at the start of this season.

From here though I'm not sure. I've been keeping this hobby pretty casual (compared to many people on this forum) and for me it's really just about getting out there and doing something relaxing by myself - an escape from the monotony of working at a desk.

I generally dislike fixing these things which has held me back somewhat from more advanced flight but I have the basics down pretty well now and have been practicing loops, rolls, inverted in the simulator.

I don't really have the flying space for anything bigger than a 450 so if I move up from here I'm going to have to join a club which I've resisted because I'm not really sure it's my scene. Honestly I'm pretty happy with this size right now.

At the same time I'd like to learn a lot more about build and setup so who knows. Maybe a club membership, maybe a non-BNF heli, maybe something bigger than a 450. I'm going to do some thinking this winter during the downtime!
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