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Originally Posted by RasmusDK View Post

When you say two connections, do you mean the red/black powerleads??

There are two because it can deliver so much amp that double wire are needed.
It's also a good safety :-)

But it all depends on which servos and heli it will power.

You don't have to use both, but it's recommended.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes there are two power leads on the back.

I am only running this on a 700 heli with low voltage servo, So it does not matter if I only put one set in my FBL controller?

Also I am reading a few Gyrphon Quasar Post here. Post #14

I bought the quasar used, how do I know it is not an old LMT version? Do I have to concern myself about failure?

Will it matter if it is an old version?
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