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Originally Posted by cRash_landing View Post
That's the thing.

Do I really need to plug both power leads to my FBL unit?

Here is my setup

CC 120 Edge 120 HV
Savox SG-1258TG same as Align 610's
Futaba BLS 251
Mini Vbar with 2 Sats
Optiguard backup same as the Scorpion bug
Gryphon Quasar

I'm not running HV setup yet.
The issue is a single servo plug is only rated for about 5 amps. Your BEC is rated for higher that that, but you won't be able to take advantage of that using only one plug, and plugging both into a Y and then back down into a single port is the exact same thing as just using one.

You can use a Y, as long as each one of the BEC leads ends up going to different ports on the FBL unit somehow, so the Y may need to be shared between one of the BEC leads and something else that's plugged in the FBL unit, not both BEC leads into the Y.

This irony I see here is you are using a backup guard which is taking up one of the ports, however using only one BEC lead means you will have a higher likelihood of having a brown out where the bug would be needed.

It's like installing an alarm on your car that disables the door locks.
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