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Default Problem setting failsafe throttle position with Spektrum DX7s

Hi all,

I have my Spektrum DX7s and DJI F550 set up with this popular set-up:

Spektrum DX7s NAZA DJI F450 & DJI F550 Switches Setup (3 min 37 sec)

ie. 3-position switch set to GPS-Atti-Failsafe

I'm currently trying to set the failsafe with the DX7s preset-failsafe function and AR8000 receiver. The setup as reflected in the DJI assistant is correct so far (ie. when transmitter is switched off or when 3-position switch is moved to the failsafe position the Naza moves to failsafe mode).

So far so good....

The problem is that DJI say that the preset-failsafe throttle mustn't be set at less than 10% (I was going to aim for around 50%). My understanding is that these settings are determined by the stick positions during the binding process, however it seems impossible to boot-up the DX7s without the throttle stick being at 0%.

If boot-up is tried with the throttle stick being in any other position a warning appears on the DX7s LCD screen along with audible warning tone, and transmitter start-up won't proceed until the throttle stick is moved back to 0%. This seems to apply whether or not the Tx is in bind mode, so I can't figure out how to transfer a pre-set throttle of >10% to the Rx/Naza.

Anyone know how to solve this? It must be a problem that many others have encountered but I couldn't find any threads offering a solution (plenty of threads covering the process of setting up switches etc., but this aspect of it isn't the problem).

All advice welcome!
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