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Originally Posted by solder monkey View Post
Thanks for that setishock.
Success! (or partial success at least)...

When the tx is switched off the naza goes into failsafe mode and the pre-set throttle value kicks in :-)

When the 3-way switch is moved to the failsafe position the naza goes into failsafe mode but the user retains throttle control (presumably this is the way its supposed to work - if the switch is hit in-flight the throttle will already be >10% so I think I should be able to just let go of all controls and let the naza do its thing, or at the very least let the naza RTH and just manually control the height).

Now all I have to do is pluck up the courage to field test it - I'll probably start by putting in descent-only mode and put it into a low hover over long grass!
Just to put your mind at peace, I use 50% throttle preset and the failsafe works well with that. Make sure as well that after you've set the faisafe by adjusting the end points of relevant channels, you put them all back to where they should be for normal flying. It is a common ommission atributed usually to excitement from the first fail safe test. Other than that, good luck!!
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