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I have battled with similar issues for the last few days. I felt I had read around most of the problem, but still could not make it work. I have finally solved it, hopefully my experiences will help others.

My setup: DX8, ZYX-S firmware 3.5, Orange & Spektrum DSMX satellites, Tarot software 3.0 and 4.0 a full range AR6210 (used for binding).

I tried all sorts of variations and by the way the Orange rx and the Spektrum produced identical results. I tried 11ms and 22ms DSMX. In all cases the best I could achieve was apparent functionality but without rudder or throttle response. I tried different power supplies, servos connected and not ..... as many variations as I could come up with, but could never get rudder or throttle response on the Tarot software monitor screen.

Eventually I tried binding my satellite using an AR8000. I had avoided doing that up to now as this rx is buried deep in a tight fitting glider fuselage. But when needs be!! Anyway, this completely solved my problem ..... full functionality straight away.

Hope this helps!!
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