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I use the calculator that I got from and found it to be very easy to use and pretty much spot on with calculations vs. reality. It defaults to a governed 92.5% of full speed that you will get when you setup your gearing and motor in the program. Like many other scale pilots, I find that I am only using one speed for flying and seldom will change it so if I find that my helicopter prefers to fly at a lower head speed, I look at changing the gear ratio so that I am at or near the top speed of the gear ratio and motor. Looking at Mr. Mel's results, you should be running somewhere between 1330 and 1380 rpm which is a good target speed range to go for. The one I use will put the rpm at 92.5% (1320rpm) which is pretty well spot on for the speed I would get with Castle Creation controllers. Adjustments can be made to set it where ever you want but I find that the speed controllers, motors, and batteries run their coolest at those settings. Hope this helps.

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