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but then again shuttle pile doesnt ever have problem in the open, but he does talk to irwin every day so will he ever have a problem ? probally not so cant count on his advice but from what i ve seen they cant keep good people there which shows the biggest problem there not honest ?? so give them a shot they are giving kit out and if u like them buy it if not send them back its called the pepsi challange its all over rr ? I wont be tring any thing else i ll take my chances on a other guy like rjx and mikado. my luck has seemed to change when I left qww and went to align & mikado so I will stick with them. Got $ down for the trex700, my 600n is flyin great 50+ flight not even a screw loose. rex 500 is on it 20th fligh, not a glitch. and hopefully I will stop being lazy and setup and fly the logo this weekend.
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