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SOKAL"S Blade 400 3d Setup vids

I made these video's to help and share my findings and knowlage ive learned of this RC Helicopter. Im not a pro at video and never will be but iv given it my best attemp.

My videos do not and will not over ride Finless's videos. his videos are very good and full of valuable information. my vids just help relate it to the Blade 400 for the beginer and novice pilots out thier.

Disclaimer. Info provided is based on my experience with the Blade 400
take it as for what its worth but it is at your own risk. ( i promis i will
not lead you wrong, hate to see one not flying).

DX6i Part 1 , Part 2

Gyro/servo setup (GY401/3400G) Part 1 , Part 2

Head setup comming soooon........
B400 DS285/3400G/401/-8/40Aesc/sonicCNC/CNCframe
TwinRexx: 6xHS-65/2xGY240/jfg500/TH2
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