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Default S1000 w/ 2 10,000mAh with TX60s

Here's the question. The guy I bought my S1000 from said that TX60 connectors would be fine for use with my S1000. I've not flown the S1000 yet, but am concerned about the TX60s ability to handle it.

I'm having a hard time understanding exactly how much power I should expect the TX60s to handle. Maxing out the S1000's throttle should get somewhere around 320 amps, which is almost three times what two TX60s should be able to handle parallel over a long period of time.

Of course I won't have the S1000's throttle maxed out hardly at all (only lifting a GH4), but I'm still concerned.

Should I get some TX90s? Go straight for bullet connectors that can handle even more?

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