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I know it's premature yet, but I am getting together a list of goodies to put on the Evo when it gets here. I'm still in the planning stages, and this build is probably going to span the duration of the winter months. Mostly so I can prepare myself with lots of sim time when not building. That and I want to make sure everything is as mechanically and electronically close to perfection as it can be before I maiden it.

This is what I have so far for planning the setup, I will be making purchases a bit at a time so the wife doesn't end up having to rent a wood chipper.

Motor: Scorpion HKIII-4035-530
ESC: Castle Edge 160 HV with Arm lock
BEC/Rx power: Haven't decided if I want to run BEC or Rx pack yet
Flight controller: Toss up between iKON or Spartan VX1e
Servos: KST DS725MG (Maybe)
Radio system: FrSky
Battery: Optipower 5000mAh
Main Blades: Zeal 700mm (Or should I go up to 710's if I can get em? Note that I will be going up to 750's as soon as they are available!)
Tail Blades: Zeal 115mm

I'm not focusing on hardcore smacking just yet. I'm more of a Sport flyer personally (For now)

This list may change over time as I do a little more research. I have been pouring over the stickies here for the past few days, and reading up. Absorbing as much info and experience from seasoned pilots and owners of the Rush.

Is there any word on a manual for the Evolution yet? I'd kind of like to study it in detail. I have downloaded the PDF of the Original Rush, and the Stretch manual too, and have been looking it over, but I require more details on the Evo changes. Call it my curiosity and thirst for knowledge!
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