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Originally Posted by Michaelinpr View Post
You could go with a 120 esc but when you stretch you will need a 160. If you really do plan to stretch consider getting a motor that will work for 700 and 750 blades. Scorpion 4530-500 down to a 450. Not higher though as the gearing will be a little high. Or a KDE G3 700XF 505 or 455.

I know those motors are more expensive than what you mentioned, but you only need to buy once. Same with the esc.

I prefer Spartan over Ikon.

A lower kV would be much more versatile

Originally Posted by chris-fry View Post
I've been thru this thread, and only seen I posted a question, but not my set up being a sport/big air pilot, with a lame attempt at 3D....

Scorpion 4035-560kV. Its a bit much, but I ordered a 4525-520kV Ultimate for the Legacy and will order another for the EVO.
Main blades are Helix 695, tails are now Rail 116.
Savox 1267 SG HV on cyclics and Futaba 256 HV on tail. All ProTek servo horns.
Started with a AR7200BX with DSMX sat (for sale, shameless plug), swapped over to the Mikado Mini VBar.
Radio is a JR XG11 on DMSS with a 831BPU Rx.
Glacier 2S 3600 Rx battery
Glacier 6S 5000 45C
CC Ice 2 HV 120

I have been flying 5.5 minutes at a HS of 2050. Lately, I have been really hard on collective, and been landing at 10% remaining. So, I dropped down to 5 minutes, and I can be hard on the collective and still have 25%. I may bump my time up to 5.25 minutes......

Thanks everyone for their advice and input!
Actually, I'd leave your timer at 5 mins. I try to target 30% remaining in the packs. It's better on the packs if you don't run them down too far.
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AleeS Rush 750 Evolution, vortex Nano. Synergy N5c, Vbar.
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