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Not normal
My 130x board had a slightly similar issue, where throttle up to activate the gyro

With no stick input or motor plugged in
the swash would drift to the right and the tail pulls a left yaw
slow but constant, it would eventually lead to the endpoints

where-after any heavy collective/cyclic would lock it up hard (exactly as per video,however for me it tended to lock up in the last known position)

Sent the board back to the shop within a week and got a free replacement a few weeks later, problem solved right there.

Not sure if any tx mixing per ccpm or servo setup may cause this behavior for mcpx, but it can't hurt checking again

It may be worth testing servos individually in each socket just to be sure..
If one servo has an issue, all of them are likely to receive feedback and play up
Re-test with motor unplugged, throttle up then roll and pitch the model around to the extremes.
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