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Default How To: DX6/9/18 programing for 200SRX in HELI mode

After a solid evening of programming, I have finally figured out how to program the new DX6 (NOT DX6i) for the 200SRX in Heli mode, while maintaining FULL control of ALL features (beginner & intermediate mode w/ self leveling, advanced mode, as well as panic button).

I will attach the .spm file, which you can download to an SD card, and upload directly to your radio.

To do things manually, follow the steps below:

model type: Heli

Swash Type: Normal

collective type: normal

F-mode setup: Switch 1: inhibit
This clears the B button from any other functions, so you can use it to control your flight modes.

Channel input configuration: 5 GEAR: B. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
This is the switch that your flight modes will be on. I used the "B" switch. if you want to use a different switch, you can, you just need to enter in the 3 position switch you plan to use.

that takes care of the system setup menu.


Servo Setup: NONE of the servos get reversed. ALL SERVOS STAY AT NORMAL SETTINGS.

Pitch Curve: for 1 through 5 SET ALL NUMBERS TO 0% , and expo to Inh. THIS IS IMPORTANT it essentially disables the pitch controls, and without this step, the radio setup will not work.

Gyro: Inhibit

Tail Curve: Inhibit

Mixing: THIS IS IMPORTANT. you need to create a mix to control the panic function.
Create a mix that reads as follows:

-I- > PIT
Rate: 0% - 100%
offset: 100%

Switch: Switch I

this tells the radio to send a value of 100 to the pitch channel of the heli when you hit the "panic" button, which is what the heli needs to see to activate the panic mode. without this mix - you have no panic button.

You can now exit to the main screen. Go into the menu and select monitor. If you have done things correctly, on the right side of the screen will be GER (gear) and PIT (pitch). the values should read as follows:

"B" switch, or whichever 3 position switch you used for flight modes (on display as GER):
0 position: 100
1 position: 0
2 position: -100

"I" switch (on display as PIT):
unpressed: -100
pressed: 100

I have personally tested this setup, and can confirm it work on the New DX6 when used with the 200SRX.

And there you have it, full control of a 200SRX in Heli mode on a DX6. Now you dont have to look at an airplane on your screen, you'll have a picture of a Heli

You can download this file below, and upload to your radio via an SD card. this file does NOT have any dual rates, expo, or servo adjustments done to it - it simply has the necessary programming & mixing necessary to control the 200SRX functions. i HIGHLY recommend performing a trim flight, and setting up any dual rates to suit your needs.
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